Why I Am Running

As I have traveled across the country and the state of Colorado, I have learned that regardless of political affiliation, financial status, ethnic background, or race: All Americans have the same desire to live a happy and decent life in a safe community. However, our current political climate creates the impression that these desires are not available equally to everyone.

I also noticed that as citizens, we no longer talk to each other, we talk at each other.  We need leaders that will listen to all sides and come up with common sense solutions to issues that will guarantee everyone their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.


I have engaged in these conversations since coming to Weld County and I believe I can make a difference by working to make equitable change for the residents of Colorado State House District 48.


I am running for the privilege of being your representative and with your support we can make real change in Weld County and secure a quality of life for ourselves and future generations.


Government should be of the people, by the people and for the people; so I am asking every voter in HD-48 to consider all of the issues before voting and to vote for me, Gbenga Ajiboye. 


 I know this is a huge responsibility but my experience and background show I am up to the challenge, and I never shy away from hard work.  I believe in the people of Weld County and as I travel this District visiting with you and listening to your concerns about the many issues that face us now and in the future, I  am confident that I will earn your vote.

Weld County is the 5th largest producing agricultural county in the nation, this segment has been threatened by rapid expansion and water sources. I will have a round-table with the local farmers to brainstorm on how we can overcome these challenges.

I am a living example of how a good education can affect our lives and the lives of our children and then our grandchildren. As a result, I will support initiatives that will fund our pre-K’s through high schools.

 I will work hard to ensure that our college students do not graduate with so much debt that it threatens their ability to pursue their goals when they graduate. I believe that with the proper education, we can solve all the problems we face, ranging from terminal diseases, environmental issues and improving our infrastructure and transportation systems.  But, to make these solutions a reality, we need to invest in our younger generation.

We will focus on the following;

– Teachers Evaluation

– Education funding

– 4-day week school days in part of our state

– Charter School Transparency

– Teachers recruitment and retention.




Weld County and HD-48 have been blessed with an abundance of natural resources including oil and gas. I want to ensure that in extracting these resources, we do everything we can to protect the environment, maintain the eco-system while reducing or eliminating the risk to all life.

As we extract these resources, I want the stakeholders to invest in research that can lead to the discovery of a competitive alternative, while respecting the need and contributing to the health and welfare of the citizens near the extraction sites.  I support and encourage the introduction of the use of the proven alternatives such as wind turbines and solar technology.

I will propose an initiative that will create funding for  Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to enable them to clean up older abandoned oil wells.  Also, to investigate and retroactively repair any buried pipelines that have been abandoned under the old regulations, so as to prevent a repeat of tragic Firestone house explosion incident.

Because I currently work in the oil and gas industry, I am aware of many of your concerns and can address them with you to discuss solutions. I want to work with the oil and gas company to cut down the methane emitted through the tank battery. There are 1517 tank batteries in the state of Colorado, 1248 of these batteries are located in weld county, by cutting this vented emission, we would cut down on man-made pollution of the HD-48 environment. 



I believe that healthy people make a healthy nation.  Therefore, I want all Coloradans, regardless of their income status, to have access to high-quality healthcare, live longer lives, free of preventable diseases, disability, and premature death.

I want to eliminate disparities and improve the health of everyone. Creating social and physical environments that promote good health for all. 


I want the citizens of HD-48 and Weld county to benefit from the economic prosperities that are derived from the abundant natural resources that exist in the county. I will support an initiative that will keep the jobs local and ensure that the right of citizens to work is protected against any special interest.

I want the citizens to earn a livable wage that can support their lifestyle and guarantee their happiness in the state of Colorado.

Have an idea? Have a question? Want to know more about one of these issues? Message me! I would love to listen and learn more about what is important to you.